21. Super Positive Post

The last blog, Defining Moments, was a bit ‘head tilt-y’, and I know some people read it and were a bit sad about it.  So in the interests of dopamine production, this is a super positive post.

This is a live-ish blog about this morning.  The miracle of tennis happened again.

I got up at 7am, took meds, and struggled around until meds kicked in about 8am.  I went off to tennis at 9am.

I played tennis for an hour with my ‘coach’.  I am not sure why I put coach in inverted commas because that’s what he is.  I suppose it just sounds a bit fancy, saying I have a ‘coach’.   Thinking about it I suppose it is the same as one of my children saying they had maths for an hour with their ‘teacher’.

Over analysing as usual, I’ll start again.  Don’t worry, not the whole 20,000 words.

I played tennis this morning at 9am for an hour with my coach.  When I play tennis it’s as if I don’t have PD.  I can change direction, hand/eye co-ordination is great and I can run.  But I then struggle to get back to the car park after (sorry to put that in, but it’s true).

More about tennis in another blog.

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