3. The moment, possibly 11 people have been waiting for …

Drum and trumpets required as I announce and boast about my recent activities.

Okay I have my stro and he is about to do a fab drum roll – you will obviously have to take my word for this as i haven’t installed listenability to this blog yet.

Drrrrr uuuuuummmmm rooooollllll

And the same applies to the blowing of my trumpet ..

Noise of a trumpet noise of a trumpet la la la

It is out … don’t panic … I am not referring to the lesser spotted sabre toothed zebra …. but my book.

My book is out … https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/poetry-short-stories-and-plays/the-parkinality-poetry-book/

Crikey oh riley itus …. yep I have only gone and done it … available direct from the publishers on the link above ….


96. Indelazisive

Okay if you want to skip my waffle about being indecisively lazy … then don’t waste your time reading this ridiculous post … pop along to the Parkinality Poet section for news as to why this blog has been rather sparse recently …

Of course if you have more time than sense read on (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Complete twaddle alert ….

Apologies … another new word …. Indelazcisive


I am being indecisively lazy – so not lazy par ce (no idea if that is spelt correctly or the correct usage), more indecisive.

Just counted up and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 yes that is eleven unfinished draft blog posts hiding ‘behind the wobbly stage sets’- maybe I should just post them as they are – maybe I will maybe I won’t … ooh adding some excitement to this stale blog.

I am allowed to be harsh, my blogging has been lazy which means the blog is stale, like a ‘bread envelope’ (if I have to explain it it isn’t funny …so to the four people who don’t understand it …. actually it’s so obvious I don’t feel I need to ….)

Oh just go and look at the Parkinality Poet section to find out what is going on …. go on shoo shoo …