95. 1.55am

Not all as it seems 

Head up 

Chin up

Put on your smile

Pretend to be well

For a short while 


Coat on 

Shoes on

In your dreams

That’s not how it happens

All is not what it seems


Falling through the door

Having a long drink

Hitting the dance floor

It’s not what you think


Strutting my stuff

With a wink and a smile

I’ll never have enough

I’ll go the extra mile


Dance til I can’t

I get into the groove

Dance til I can’t

I love to move


Not a drop of drink

Has passed my lips

Don’t look like that

Its not what you think


Fall out the door

Stagger up the street

Smile at everyone

That I meet


Get to the house

Get through the door

I have reached the end

I can’t take any more


Just in time?

Just don’t know?

I feel pd start in my toe

Moves into my foot and my leg

Please no more, I try not to beg

2. At long last news from the bic

The Parkinality Poet has been quiet on here, but noisey out there.

Preparing and practising the poems and odes.

Thank you to those who purchased the limited edition practise charittee edition of some of the poems and apologies to those who missed out.

I printed 100 copies simply on paper with a simple purple cover and sold out! I donated all of the money from the sales, divided between Parkinson’s UK and The Cure Parkinsons Trust.

But fear ye not … those poems (all mostly revised and remodelled) appear in my proper official grown up book along with a lot more.

In fact there are i think 52 poems in the book.

Currently being printed it will be available to order in a couple of months so wts.

94. 0,002 : ‘These Three Words’

Parkinson’s Awareness 2019 : A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

Number 0,002

I may have mentioned the play which the Wise-ish Man and I entered into the local play write competition.

We won the heat and were runner up in the final.
Well, drum roll – it was filmed and here it is.

It is about being diagnosed with early on-set Parkinson’s and the fact that there is ‘more than one victim’. This affects the whole family and beyond.

This is part of a bigger project … Parkinson’s The Musical is written and ready to take it’s next step towards Broadway and beyond. Watch this space.

93. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Okay a day late with the first day of awareness month ,,, but you only know that because I have told you, so erase that from your mind. I could delete that but I’d rather write a sentence explaining I could delete it, rather than actually deleting it. For all you knew Awareness month might actually start on the 2nd April …

That last paragraph (sorry I mean first paragraph) was an example of waffle and letter wastage … I will be going for quality not quantity for this years Awarenessing. So rather than thousands of words I plan to post pictures both static and moving.

So I can’t promise no waffle – after all my cunning plan is to be so irritating and over awareness so much, that ‘they’ direct resources and expertise to find a cure for everyone living with Parkinson’s, just to shut me up.

A picture paints a thousand words 0,001, now not sure how to post a picture on my blog … oh crikey give me a minute or two. Okay managed it … not exactly exciting … but I didn’t want to peak too early …