108. ‘Another Book of Parkinality Poetry’

I wanted you to be the first to know… there is another book of Parkinality Poetry.

I have just received a massshiv box of books ….

And here is the marketing blurb …l

The Parkinality Poet is back with a new book; ‘Another Book of Parkinality Poetry’
supporting The Cure Parkinson’s Trust during 2020

Welcome to
Another Book of Parkinality Poetry
By The Parkinality Poet

An entertaining book of poetry about interesting people and their relationships.
A collection framed, but not dominated, by Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.
Written in the hope that it creates greater understanding about this disease.

In 2012 The Parkinality Poet was diagnosed, aged 44, with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD).  Today, seven years after the diagnosis, she tries to remain positive and concentrate on what can be achieved rather than dwelling on what cannot.

In January 2017 she invented a new word Parkinality, Parkin(son’s) & (person)ality, and started a website about living with YOPD (www.parkinality.co.uk) to raise awareness, create understanding, but primarily to highlight the urgent need for a cure.

This is The Parkinality Poet’s second book of poetry.  Another Book of Parkinality Poetry takes five fictional characters and through a series of poems explores ordinary family life, while at the same time, woven within the pages, is the spectre of Parkinson’s Disease.

Simple poems, simply written; often poignant and sometimes surprising, some poems will raise a smile. As with her earlier book The Parkinality Poetry Book (published July 2019) the poems are entertaining, interesting and written to appeal beyond the Parkinson’s community.

And the weight is ; 152g

And the name is : ‘Another Book of Parkinality Poetry’ by The Parkinality Poet … why, because that’s what it is.

Forty, yes 40, new poems ….

I plan to launch it at the Parkinson’s Vision 2020 (YOPD) in Leicester in April, where I will be (wo)manning an exhibition stand.

Watch this space ….