Living with Early Onset Parkinson’s : A Personal Blog

BLOG ROADWORKS (15 Feb 2018) : Currently trying to put the blog posts into sub categories as there are so many.  This is a work in progress, so there are some sub sections being created that aren’t finished yet.  The easiest was to get to the blog posts is in the usual place January 2017 diagnosis day and then work back …


‘My Positive Parkinality’ is a predominantly positive personal blog about living with early onset Parkinson’s.

Beginning this blog with a made up word in the title may not be the most straightforward start, but bear with me.  As this is not a ‘Who Dunnit’, I don’t expect you to read for 900 pages trying to unravel the purpose of the blog.  So I’ll pre-empt a few questions :

Parkinality (pa:kin-al-i-tee)

  • Parkin(son’s) (person)ality
  • a ‘blend’ word formed from parts of two or more words – I made this word up.
  • Parkinson’s affects every part of every day, in effect a new part of my personality.

What does the title mean :

  • My: I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 44
  • Positive: I am as positive and pro-active as I can be, celebrating what I can do.
  • Parkinality : Parkinson’s has become a new part of my personality
  • *predominantly : I am predominantly positive

Why am I putting my head above the parapet and writing :

  • To raise awareness about early onset Parkinson’s
  • To let others living with Parkinson’s know they are not alone
  • Sharing tips and coping strategies.
  • To keep a journal as I believe it will help me (and as soon as it doesn’t I will stop)

Is it going to be sad?

  • No (well mostly no, after all it is a (currently) incurable degenerative neurological condition).

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Not so small print :  This is a personal blog, everyone experiences symptoms/progression differently.  I am (obviously) not medically trained, so please don’t change any medications/regimes without first speaking to a medical professional.