Living with Early Onset Parkinson’s : A Personal Blog

‘My Positive Parkinality’ is a predominantly positive personal blog about living with early onset Parkinson’s.

Beginning this blog with a made up word in the title may not be the most straightforward start, but bear with me.  As this is not a ‘Who Dunnit’, I don’t expect you to read for 900 pages trying to unravel the purpose of the blog.  So I’ll pre-empt a few questions :

Parkinality (pa:kin-al-i-tee)

  • Parkin(son’s) (person)ality
  • a ‘blend’ word formed from parts of two or more words – I made this word up.
  • Parkinson’s affects every part of every day, in effect a new part of my personality.

What does the title mean :

  • My: I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 44
  • Positive: I am as positive and pro-active as I can be, celebrating what I can do.
  • Parkinality : Parkinson’s has become a new part of my personality
  • *predominantly : I am predominantly positive

Why am I putting my head above the parapet and writing :

  • To raise awareness about early onset Parkinson’s
  • To let others living with Parkinson’s know they are not alone
  • Sharing tips and coping strategies.
  • To keep a journal as I believe it will help me (and as soon as it doesn’t I will stop)

Is it going to be sad?

  • No (well mostly no, after all it is a (currently) incurable degenerative neurological condition).

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End of 2017 : asked to write a fortnightly column in the local paper, entitled Parkinality – crickey

Not so small print :  This is a personal blog, everyone experiences symptoms/progression differently.  I am (obviously) not medically trained, so please don’t change any medications/regimes without first speaking to a medical professional.